MAAND Agenda

4 APR - Roxy RAwson

aanvang: 21:30

Roxy Rawson is a Chamber-Folk, Indie act from the UK, though growing in the German scene. Falling squarely into the anti-folk category by way of a manipulated, punky violin, Roxy has been mentioned as the UK’s answer to Regina Spektor, with a cult presence on the San Francisco and London music scenes with her unique blend of impish violin vocals and classical/ jazz influence. Now based in Berlin, 2024 will see the release of her anticipated follow-up album, with lush orchestral arrangements written in collaboration with Jherek Bischoff, drawing on her diverse musical heritage and providing a rich backing to her unyielding Pre-Raphaelite vocals.

9 APR - Sounds of the underground festival

Alternative muziek festival dat door heel amsterdam plaats vind maar dus ook een avond in 'Skek. Er zijn verschillende live performances en poezie dus wordt heel erg vet:

We are happy to announce the 13th edition of SOTU festival. This year, there will be six days of exposure to the most up-to-date alternative underground scene, music and arts.

SOTU (Sounds of the Underground) is an annual alternative music festival and cultural foundation in Amsterdam that was formed in 2012. SOTU has a passion for genre-bending sound and performances which is focused on the promotion of the experimental, avant-garde and underground. The festival is self-funded and run by an artist collective. Thefestival is rooted in celebrating the unique aspects of the global independent music and art community and its diy and counter cultural traditions.



Martin K. Pedersen


Noa Margulis & Nad Haram


Die Ursonate (Kurt Schwitters vs. Flaviu Tilinca & Notorische Ruhestoerung)


pytr & schoco mune


11 APR - Setak

Setak, born Nicola Pomponi, is a renowned guitarist and singer-songwriter recognized for incorporating his native Abruzzese dialect, spoken in Southern Italy, into contemporary folk-rock and world-music sounds. 

The nickname 'Setak' pays tribute to the craftsmanship passed down in his family in the construction of sieves used for sifting wheat, known as 'setacc’' in the Abruzzese dialect. Setak's songs tell us about intimate relationships, poignant childhood memories, liberation from tradition and the search for social redemption. 

They are often ballads of intense introspection, sometimes poetic, sometimes ironic, embracing the listener with Setak's deep voice. 

On the stage, Setak will present songs from his first two albums and some original songs from the new album, with a backing band that adds an infectious groove and a dynamic layer elevating the live experience onto a whole new level.

13 APR - 13 april- Queer film festival feest

14 APR - Jazz Jam

15 APR - Fundraiser Palestina


MOMSNAME is een indie rock band uit Leeuwarden. Wat ooit begon als een solo project van zangeres en gitarist Esmee Thiescheffer, is uitgegroeid tot een band. 

MOMSNAME is niet bang om kwetsbaarheid bespreekbaar te maken. Om te helen moet je ook de duisterste delen van jezelf ruimte geven. 

Live wordt de serene zang aangevuld door een dromerige en melancholische sound met een psychedelisch randje. Al deze componenten samen nemen je mee naar een zachte, troostende, maar soms ook verdrietige plek.

19 APR - Queer Feest

20 APR - Code Red (takeover)

DJ Collective Code Red, Hardgroove Techno.

21 APR - Jazz Ties laarakker


Progressive ROCK BAND

26 APR - Koningsnacht (Feest)

Samen feesten (tegen of) voor het koningshuis met een leip feest op koningsnacht en op koningsdag spelletjes om lekker uit te brakken.

1 april, kikker in je BIL
Och wat hebben we in skek weer veel
De agenda is zo leuk ik kan niet wachten ik gil
Leuke optredens, super origineel

:LET OP: op de foto staat niet alle programmering (11 en 18 apr)